Arabic Localization,

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Who We Are

The best of the best.

Core Team

Our core team is comprised solely of the leading professionals in the Arabic game localization industry.

We worked alongside each other for years and established a high level of compatibility and consistency in our workflow.

We deliberately keep it small, focused, and agile to be ready to tackle any challenge at all times to the highest standards.

The more the merrier!


We keep a large database of experienced & vetted Arabic game localizers whom our core team collaborates with on a regular basis.

Many of whom worked on iconic franchises such as:

Final Fantasy, The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, FIFA, and more.

What We Stand For

Why would you read something no one bothered to write?

Human Localization

MT, MTPE, AI… Sick and tired of hearing these acronyms?

So are we.

That’s why we’ve opted to outright refuse to participate in the localization industry’s collective race to the bottom.

Our localizations are human-crafted works of art, made with 100% love and care and 0% machine involvement.

Everyone deserves to shine.

Full Credit

Few things hurt more than pouring your heart and soul into a project only to have to never speak of it again.

The gameloc industry is notorious for its exploitative practices. We’re part of the subset fighting to change them.

At loclait, we champion the Translators in The Credits movement and ask that our talented linguists be credited in each and every project.

We're always improving!

Open Communication

We’re not perfect. Nothing is.

That’s why we value and appreciate input on areas where we can improve, be it internal or external.

We’re constantly working on refining our processes & approach, and every suggestion makes a difference.

Passion doesn't have to be exploited.

Fair, Equal Rates

We believe in fair, equal pay.

We won’t haggle our linguists just to save a couple of cents on the word like many bigger agencies.

This allows us to retain and continuously work with some of the best talents in the Arabic game localization industry.

Because we won't settle for less.

Excellence Above All

Most important of all, we own our failures as much as we do our successes.

Each and every one of our linguists always upholds the highest standards in their work, and holds themselves fully accountable for its quality.