Arabic Localization,

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Linguistic Services

Translation & Localization

Every piece of art is as unique as the people who created it – each possesses a distinct cadence and requires a unique approach to recreate the spark that made it so special in another language.

We believe that narratives crafted with passion deserve to be translated with equal devotion.

We make sure that every subtlety, joke, and quirk is preserved and represented in our localization, all while maintaining a suitable linguistic register for your target audience.

Editing & Proofreading

Typos, grammatical mistakes, and inappropriate language choices can lead to disastrous results when localizing for the Arabic market.

Whether you’re not satisfied with your current localization or just want another set of expert eyes on it, we’ll gladly help you polish your localization to a mirror sheen.

Technical Services

RTL Implementation Guidance

Dealing with Arabic in game engines, software that is often hostile to RTL languages, can get tiring & expensive very fast.
As a result, developers often throw an unnecessary amount of LQA at the problem until it disappears.

But there’s a much simpler option.

Our in-house implementation specialists have got the process down to an easy-to-follow checklist for many popular engines, ensuring an extremely short (2~4 hours) and hassle-free Arabic implementation before it ever gets in the testers’ hands.

LQA Testing

We provide additional testing to make sure your Arabic localization looks, reads, and displays right.

Our approach to implementation guarantees a quick & efficient LQA testing process.

Artistic Services

Graphics & Logo Localization

Willing to go the extra mile to show the Arabic-speaking audiences you really care?

The easiest way to do so is to pay attention to the small details!

We provide logo & in-game graphics localization, expertly crafted by our talented designers to replicate the original art and delivered in the same formats and measurements you sent them in for a seamless process.

Type Creation & Type Licensing

Due to the myriad challenges of Arabic localization, developers often go with a generic font that just gets the job done.

Sure, it’s a little ugly, but it works. No one will notice, right?

Make no mistake – players notice.
This is why we provide a licensable, growing library of fonts custom-built to be engine-friendly, as well as the option to design a bespoke font for your game.

Need to know more?

Can’t figure out exactly what your game needs, or need more details on our offerings & pricing?

Feel free to drop us a line. We’re always up for a chat!